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  • Ang Bee

What Women Don't Want To See In 2019

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

It's Day 2 of the New Year! Many of us have left old thoughts and behaviors in 2018 and are now starting with a fresh perspective, new goals, and even a new look as we enter into 2019. Recently, hip-hop artist, Meek Mill, took to Instagram some advice for women as they enter into 2019…

Whether you agree with his statement or not it does make you wonder, what thoughts do women have about the things they want left in 2018? After completing a little research, I was able to compile a list of the most common things women do not want to see when it comes to dating in 2019:

Fake, Struggle Love

I think Drake said it best on his More Life album, "I can tell that love is fake, I don't trust a word you say". In 2019, ladies are not settling for superficial relationships. Many women have expressed that enough is enough - they want something real and lasting when it comes to relationships. In a HuffPost article, Dr. Carol Morgan states that not only is real love unconditional, but it is also met with actions, not just a feeling or words. So remember, just as easily a real and meaningful connection can be felt, an insincere connection can be detected.

Men Venting On Social Media

Have you ever scrolled down your social media timeline to see one of your male friends expressing his hurt from a past relationship in a super long post for the world to see? Or has one of your exes gone to social media to tell everyone about the intimate details of your relationship after a breakup? In 2019, single women have two words for men like this, GROW UP!

Breakups can be tough, but social media is not the outlet to express your pain. Most females find this behavior as a turn-off and will refuse to deal with a guy who has temper tantrums on social media. Going into the New Year, instead of venting on social media, find other ways to deal with hurt such as mediation, seeking counseling, or simply confiding in a friend.

Beta Male Mindset

In 2019, women are looking for men who are a man's man. Unfortunately, this is not good news for the beta male. Beta males are typically known for their passive demeanor, their go-with-the-follow attitude, and waiting for others to take the initiative on plans. To some women, these characteristics are viewed as a switch of gender roles. A lot of women prefer a man that steps up and takes lead when dating. Whether you're an alpha male or beta, it's clear that in the New Year women want their mates to speak up and express how they feel. (Are you an Alpha or Beta Male? Click here to find out!)

Glorified Insta-thots

Oh how we love Instagram and all of it's eye-candy! Most of the images we come across can serve as motivation and inspire our body goals. However, with this new wave of social media, the hype of "doing it for the 'Gram" where models pose practically naked and twerk on camera has left a bad taste in the mouths of wholesome women.

In a Reddit forum discussion, many expressed they felt the facade portrayed on social media of the perfect body, has raised beauty standards for women living a regular, everyday life. In return, these women feel insecure and are building their bodies to meet the expectations of deceived men. Many women are getting facial reconstruction surgery, implants, liposuction, and fat transfers just to get or keep the man of their dreams. These surgeries have caused complications for many women, such as in R& B singer, K. Michelle’s case. She announced her butt implants removal early last year due to serve complications which put performances on hold. Luckily, this New Year is bringing many women across the world a new sense of self-love which exceeds the expectations of others.


Overwhelming in a recent Instagram post from the media gossip outlet, TheShadeRoom, many females expressed that they wanted rapper and songwriter, Kayne West left in 2018. Kayne West has found his way in media news headlines throughout 2018 from announcing his battle with mental illness, affirming his political views, and somehow in the middle of a rap beef. With recent remarks made towards ladies' lover Drake, can you blame the ladies for wanting 'Ye to stay behind?

What are your thoughts about the top things women what left behind in 2018? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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