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  • Ang Bee

The Top 7 Things That Turn Men Off

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Have you ever begun dating someone who seemed really into you, but then out of nowhere went ghost? If you've found yourself in this situation you probably were left feeling totally confused and wondering what the heck happened, right?! There's a chance the person you were dating saw a characteristic they simply didn’t like and was completely turned off by it. Take a look at the top seven things you should avoid that turn men off:

Turn-off #1: Talking Too Much About an Ex

Most men have egos...they love hearing the great things you think of them! When you bring up other men in conversations, especially your ex, this could insinuate they’re competing with another man for your attention or there's unresolved feelings that need to be sorted out. Regardless if you plan to say good or bad things when discussing your exes, never initiate conversations about past relationships with a person you're interested in. This could be interpreted as you being unable to let go of the past.

Turn-off #2: Arrogance & Self-Centeredness

Let's face it, most of us are attracted to confidence. Studies (Buunk, Dijkstra, Fetchenhauer, & Kenrick, 2002) have shown people are more likely to gravitate towards a person who speaks confidently and has confident body language oppose to someone who is timid or unsure. The problem occurs when a person's level of confidence seeps into self-centeredness or becomes braggadocious. Arrogance can become a repellent to some men. Having a healthy balance of self-worth and humbleness is key.

Turn-off #3: Social Media/Phone Crazy

In a day and age where technology is advancing rapidly, it's hard not to take advantage of the sweet treasures we call smartphones and social media. As easy as these things can make everyday life, they can also be detrimental to our relationships if we become consumed with them. A man might find it highly unattractive when a woman is more interested in what's happening on her cellphone and social media than what is going on with him. When on a date, put away the phone and give that person your undivided attention.

Turn-off #4: Drama Queens

What woman doesn't like a good office gossip? Be careful, because if you find yourself in the middle of the drama or the one creating it, you could find yourself with less friends and also man-less. It can be perceived that those who are overly dramatic or seem to always find themselves in the middle of chaos could bring that same energy into their relationships. Most men prefer a mate who provides a sense of peace in their life, so save the drama for your mama.

Turn off #5: Wearing Too Much Makeup

There's nothing wrong with wearing makeup to enhance your beauty, right? Well, some men find makeup all the way wrong. In a Shape Magazine article, men stated that they preferred women completely au naturale. Some men stated makeup can be deceptive and also shows woman may have insecurities. Whether you agree or disagree, here's a tip: less is always more.

Turn-off #6: Excessive Complaining and Criticism

I think it's safe to say, no one likes a complainer. Being around a person who finds something wrong with EVERYTHING can be mentally draining. A woman who focuses way too much on negative aspects and little time appreciating the positives ones could be a major turn-off for most men. When a woman is perceived as a complainer, she can come off as very hard to please and critical. It’s good practice to always start with the positives when providing critique.

Turn-off 7: Dishonesty

Most of us would rather hear the ugly truth than a pretty lie! Once lies are told and trust is broken, a relationship could reach the point of being irreparable. Some men have expressed they prefer a woman who is authentic and completely honest with them. Not only is it important to be honest with others, but it’s even more important to be honest with yourself.

So here you have it, the top seven things that will turn a man off and send him running for the hills. Although these turn-offs may apply for to most men, it's important to note it does not apply to all. Regardless of what may or may not peaks someone's interest, remember to stay true to yourself, love yourself - flaws and all, and the right one will love you!

What turns you off? Leave your feedback in the comment section below

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