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Read on and enjoy!

  • Ang Bee

The Model for Love

As I mature as a writer, a woman, and Christ follower, my understanding of relationships and desire to learn more about love has grown expeditiously. When I first began this relationship blog, my intent was to provide readers sound knowledge and resources that would enrich romantic relationships in many aspects. Retrospectively, I realize I failed to provide the instrumental part and the foundation on which love is based on - that is God's love for us.

No matter where you are located in the world, your ethnicity, your religion, or race, we cannot deny that love is the universal language. Without words spoken, we can see the act of love and understand it, feel it, and embrace it. All of creation was made for love...hence our lady and male parts. Our very existence was initiated by God's love for humankind, agape, and His desire to have relationship with us. God's love is the model for all relationships and the most consequential relationship in which all other flow from.

With all of this said, I feel it is my duty and personal responsibility to you, the reader, to get us back to the basics of love. As we embrace the possibilities of 2021, my commitment is to provide you biblical examples of love...the good, bad, and juicy! Whether you are a Christian or not, I hope you will keep an open mind and feel intrigued to further your understanding of these love stories.

This is also a disclaimer that I am NOT a Bible scholar by any means - just a student

and lover of love, the Bible, and God. I encourage your thoughts and comments on all content and look forward to us learning together.

Peace, Love, Blessings...and Happy New Year!

-Love Jones by Ang

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