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Have You Ever Asked What He Wants?

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

~Written by: Michelle Simmons ~

Men give signs of what they want. Some men can be completely quiet. But somehow they are leaving signals behind as far as what they want. Women do the same. However, we tend to be a little blunt about it. I do hear from men that we just expect a man to know what we want. But who knows! It still comes down to needs and wants.

When relationships fall apart, I often ask myself if communication was the issue. Both ends have to be in sync with communication. Both have to know what each other want. Ladies, if you ask him what he wants, it makes our lives better as women! And the same goes for you too, men! It doesn’t mean those wants and needs will be met all the time. Also, be sure to include your wants and needs in case it’s not clear. Communication is a two way street!

You may be asking how I can validate what I am saying. I lived it! My husband and I have been together for 10 years. Our communication was horrible, which was causing many problems. Once we figured out what the problem was we fixed it and things became spectacular. Do you know what that problem was? Communication! I decided to interview my husband to get a man’s perspective. Not all men are alike, but his answers are valid and I’m sure many can relate.

Let’s take a look at what he said:

1. Thoughtful, caring, and understanding

2. Show an interest in romance

3. Understanding the value of a dollar

4. Not scared to take chances

5. The C word. Communication!

Knowing what his needs are makes me less stressed because I know what’s expected and I’m not playing a guessing game. Anxiety is a word I don’t like and I get that nasty word when I have to guess what is expected from me. I can satisfy his needs and in return have my needs met as well. That’s part of a relationship!

I encourage you to sit down with your significant other and interview him. What are his needs? This experience can go one of two ways. You could understand the needs of each other, or you could get frustrated with each other because of the type of needs expected. Either way you’re opening a door for communication and that’s exactly what you need as a good foundation for success.

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