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  • Ang Bee

5 Fun Adult Party Games That Are Free!

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

'Tis the season for holiday parties and mingling! Here are five, fun, and inexpensive adult games that are sure to keep your guests entertained and party exciting!

#1 Never Have I Ever

A classic adult game to get to know your guests. The only requirements are your beverage of choice (usually alcohol) and inquisitive mind. The group gathers in a circle with one person starting the game saying "Never Have I Ever…", followed by something they have never done. Everyone who has done whatever the previous player stated must take a sip of their drink or a shot. The person to the left completes the same steps, and so forth. Make this game even more fun by playing in teams of Chicks vs. Guys 😉

#2 Name That Song

The object of this game is to have your team guess the song that is being sung without hearing the actual song lyrics. Split your guests up into two teams. The team with the youngest player goes first. The first player (the youngest of the group) picks a song to sing without letting their team know the title. The catch is, the singer can only use the lyrics Do-Doo, nothing else! The team will have 30 seconds to guess the title of the song. The team with the most correct guesses wins! Use your music playlist for song ideas or put a Christmas twist to it and use only Christmas Carols.

#3 Great Minds Think A Like

This game is best completed in pairs - perfect for couples or those getting to know each other. Each person must write down ten "This or That" choices on separate pieces of paper and then fold them (ex. iPhone or Android, Death by plan or Death by car, Morning Whoopie or Drunk Whoppie…make them as PG or R-Rated as you want). Collect the pieces of paper and place them in a large bowl. One person from each pair must draw a slip of paper from the bowl and select one of the choices shown without revealing it to anyone. Each pair takes turns reading the"This or That" choices and allow their partner to guess which choice was picked. If the partner guesses correctly, the pair receives a point. Alternate who draws from the bowel. The pair with the most correct guesses wins the game and of course receives bragging rights!

#4 Drunk Jenga

Have an old Jenga game laying around? Put it to use in this fun adult game! With a marker, write an embarrassing or drinking dare on each Jenga piece. Stack up the game pieces as you would in a traditional Jenga game. As each player pulls a Jenga piece they must complete the dare on the game piece or take a shot if they refuse. The person who causes the Jenga tower to fall must take a shot and stack the pieces for the next game. (Click here for ideas to write on your Jenga game pieces).

#5 Spoons

For this game you will need a deck of cards, a card table (or hard surface) and enough spoons for all players, except one. Remove the jokers from the deck of cards and shuffle the rest well. Choose a dealer for the game and have them pass out four cards to each player. The remaining cards should be placed face-down in front of the dealer. In the middle of the table, place the spoons in a circle. The object of the game is to be the first one with four cards of the same kind and a spoon drawn. The dealer will begin by drawing a card from the deck and then passing a discarded one to the player on their left. That player will either keep the card they received and pass an existing one from their hand or pass the received card immediately to the player on their left. Cards are passed rapidly to the left, as the dealer will continuously draws a card from the deck and discard one. The last player (player on the right side of the dealer) will place their unwanted cards in a throw away pile off to the side. The first player with Four-of-a-Kind must take a spoon from the pile as discretely as possible. Once a spoon has been drawn, the remaining players must also grab a spoon. Do this quick because the player left without a spoon, gets their first letter towards spelling the word "spoon". Whoever spells S-P-O-O-N first, is removed from the game along with a spoon. If all cards are completely drawn from the deck before anyone gets Four-of-a-Kind, reshuffle the throw away pile and use it to start a fresh deck. Play this game with a Christmas twist by using candy canes and spelling C-A-N-D-Y instead of spoons.

I hope these games bring some fun and holiday cheer to your festivities



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